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 About me - Dood

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PostSubject: About me - Dood   Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:07 am

I've been playing since 2004/2005, I started when the rubber chicken came out. My Main is 110 cb, a barrows pure with 73 def. Made about 50m+ pking in lifetime, 100m+ staking. I had a pure that I got def on after update, which I have recently remade w/o the def, and I made 50m+ staking on there, including a santa hat. I used to have a mask set and an easter egg on my main, but one day I got bored and sold everything. I pked for 3 months straight till I lost all my money in the old bh lol. I made a pure about 9 months ago and maxed out, but i got banned for botting :p. I also did my own lures with two of my friends and made a few mils like that on the side. so I am now on my way back up on my pure and look forward to luring with all of you Smile
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PostSubject: Re: About me - Dood   Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:09 am

Hey there, much appreciated for posting. I'll be hoping to lure with you and the others! Smile
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About me - Dood
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