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 LordOfNoobs, I've been hacked;\ 2/6/11

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PostSubject: LordOfNoobs, I've been hacked; 2/6/11   Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:03 am

Okay well i tryed logging in today. And it kept telling me i need to use a email or invalid password so i tryed again till my log in chances were blocked for 5 mins. I sent in a appeal for my account and got the account back. I Logged onto my account immediatly to find im in the fishing guild with nothing. They took my 25m all my armor, 6m worth. Verac's Brassard, verac's fullhelm, guthans chainskirt, abyssal whip, d boots, obby shield. All of my stuff worth anything was taken.

Please..Someone help me get stuff back:\

I've been loyal to the clan for about 2 months now and trying my hardest to get enough money to go pk some and now its all gone.
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LordOfNoobs, I've been hacked;\ 2/6/11
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