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 About Me ~ Waffles

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PostSubject: About Me ~ Waffles   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:52 pm

Hi guys.

My name's Matt Chorazy. I live in Chicago, Illinois. I'm 15 years old and I like hanging out with friends and when I'm bored I enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2 on the PS3 or hopping on Runescape. I've been part of the Runescape community since September/October of 2004, when me and a couple of friends from grade school gathered together and started playing it. Since then I have to admit I've been quite addicted to Runescape and can't stop playing it (:. I love scamming kids. You might be wondering why my names so fruity, it's because I recently scammed a kid out of 60 days of members and unfortunately he changed my name to Waffle which I dislike, I'll be changing it soon, but because I came to the community as Waffles I guess I'll stay as Waffle. I've had a lot of experience with luring. I mostly lured at green dragons and pretended to "make pk videos" in the wildy with some noobs. Ever since bounty hunter left, I've stopped pking, I really only pked for the cash and once bounty hunter was gone, I really stopped because it was a horrible source of income. I've been a skiller since those times, only hybriding and pking on private servers, but now that PvP is coming back I'm looking forward to pking and I've actually started training combat skills and doing quests of my zerker. I'm currently 93 mage and 82 smithing. Well, there's a lot more to talk about but I can't talk about it all in here Razz I'm looking forward in being in this clan, meeting new people and having fun.
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About Me ~ Waffles
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