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 About me ~ Tolate

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PostSubject: About me ~ Tolate   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:02 pm

I'm from Vancouver BC, (Canada) I'm 15, and i play alot of sport's, i like spending time with friend's

(and i especially love girl's)and just chilling hanging out, I ussually play runescape/quit/play/quit etc because i

got bored easily, but with pking that will change quite quickly, I started playing in 2006 and started pking quickly,

I've done 2-3 lure's with jojo on my main (now sold) but i hope to bring luring up to the same level it has been

back in the day, i'll get a picture up as soon as i can Smile

And my real name is "Daniel van Hattem" in case you wanna add on facebook Smile
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About me ~ Tolate
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